Monday, 1 November 2010

my introduction to animation

Back in December 2007 I was half way through my 5th year at high school and I wasn't doing very well. It wasn't that I'm not particularly bright but rather I got very lazy with out noticing somehow my standards started to slip. I wouldn't be doing my home work and did very little in class. It was at this point my guidance teacher decide to sort of kick me out of school. When I say sort of what i mean is I was never a trouble in class I kept myself to myself and was told that I was a pleasant pupil to have in class although my standards were slipping so my guidance teacher basically said to me "I think higher education such as collage would be best for you (but if you disagree though shit)". They went her exact words but you get the just of it. So that weekend I attended an open day at a local collage having no idea what sort of course I wanted to do and I my attention was dragged towards this one course called I.M.A.G.E(Introduction to Media, Animation and Graphic effects). So I was getting informed about this course by this nice camp guy who then for some reason had to leave and left the main tutor for this course who seemed much more strict and basically interviewed me right there on the spot, I had no idea what was going on. Anyway I did terrible in the interview but for some unknowing reason (probably out of pity) he gave me a place on the course where I learnt all about animation. I was placed amounts other young people who could actually draw very well, I however could not draw to safe myself so I stuck to animation  stick men fighting. Looking back on the final piece of animation I did for that course It was terrible but apparently had everything need to pass the course.
I rambled on alot more than i expected to there sorry if I,ve board any of you :P


  1. great post dude
    keep up the good work

  2. cool :D hope to see some more of your animations and things.