Friday, 8 April 2011

crappy peice of tech review

The Technika 4GB MP3 player is a cheap low end device that delivers more than one might expect from a £15-£20 piece of electrical piece of plastic. It dose what it says on the tin with easy usb connectivity for synchronization and it plays back mp3 files just fine with an FM radio tuner built in as a small extra.

Although the controls are badly designed with simplicity in mind but I feel that they could be improved a lot by adding an extra button. The buttons that are there aren't very well placed for example the forward and back buttons aren't in the same way as the screen so it is hard to tell what one dose what and I often get it wrong on first attempt of scrolling through my music collection.
but with the horrible button placement aside it is overall an OK device witch I expected a lot less from to be honest and on top of that it also survived a trip into my washing machine as well as my tumble dryer while only sacrificing the bottom half of the screen.